greeting part 2

last update 15.August.2007

 Dear all,

 How's everything going this year?

 My name is Fujikawa Osamu. I live in Wakayama city with my wife and 
seven years old boy "Yuya".

 We are studying about Macrobiotic. We eat brown rice and season's 
vegetables with natural salt and miso. My wife had been learning 
macrobiotic cooking in Lima cooking at Higashi-kitazawa 
in Tokyo since 2002.

- job -

 I had been working for three computer companies since 1991 and selling 
hardware and software for companies, not for individual. For example,
a kind of software for Intranet/Internet and also a kind of equipment 
for FWA or DSLAM.

- traveling -

 By the way, we went to Hawaii in 2001, from 25th, August till
3rd, September, of course with my wife Naoko and baby boy Yuya
(pronounce like you-ya) who was one year old.

 My favorite place was Bishop museum, because we could see hula
that was not for show style but was for very traditional style.
Naoko's favorite place was the Honolulu Academy of Arts. It was
not so big museum. However there were few people and the atmosphere
was very calm and gentle.

- peace -

 We visited Ms. Kikuchi Yumi and Mr. Morita Gen in March and October
last year. Yumi is one of main members of Global Peace Campaign and
has been proceeding it since 911.

- this home page -

 This homepage is very light weight isn't it?
 I made this home page by notepad of Windows.
 I studied about html a little from a very good book.
 ftp software is free software.
 The map was made by Power Point and changed to gif format.

 If you would be interested in making your homepage by only notepad,
please try it. 
 I don't forget that there are still a lot of users using 56k Modem 
without ADSL, CATV or optical fibers.

- traveling to Japan -

 If you were a macrobiotician or a naturalist, please contact me. I can 
arrange lunch or dinner for you. We might have a good time with 
serious topics and also interesting conversation. 

 Hopefully everybody has been well and will be well too this year.

 Best wishes,
 Fujikawa Osamu in Wakayama Japan