Raw cake, Vegan cake and Ayurvedic cooking

Bali Diary by Naoko - Photo by Osamu
Last update 7 May 2015
Since 8 July 2012 in Ubud

 Raw cheese cake (Cashew cake)
Birthday cake (Raw Moringa cake)
For a Birthday party!
Birthday cake (Raw)
Birthday cake (Raw strawberry cake)
Raw Moringa cake
Raw Moringa cake
Wheat-free vegan chocolate cake
Wheat-free vegan chocolate cake
Wheat-free vegan chocolate cake
Vegan Moringa cake
Wheat-free vegan chocolate cake with cashew cream
Mango on Cashew based with Moringa leaf
Chocolate boys
Raw Chocolate and Banana cake
Raw Brownie
Raw Brownie
Non-oven dessert class
Raw cake class (standard)
Raw strawberry cake
Strawberry on raw chocolate mousse
Wheat-free vegan chocolate cake (no egg, no butter, no milk and no white sugar)
Muffin (hard one). Wheat flour free, rice flour free (no butter, no milk and no white sugar for any cakes)
Rice pudding
Banana Roll
Wheat flour free, rice flour free, chocolate cake (no butter, no milk and no white sugar for any cakes)
Raw Chocolate ball
Raw Brownie
Raw Brownie
Raisin Scone
Wheat-free vegan Steamed cake
Wheat-free vegan Steamed cake
Apple Pie (whole wheat 50%)
Apple Pie (whole wheat 50%)
Vegan Chocolate Cake (wheat free)
Naoko is cutting a raw cake.
Raw Cacao sweets & Raw cacao ball
Raw Brownie
Live performance - Vo: Naoko Piano: Osamu
Live in Vespa - Vo: Joy Yoko Melodica: Osamu
"Italian plate" Pumpkin gnocchi,eggplant saute, tofu and tomato salad and carrot soup
Steamed cake, cookie and Mashed potato cacao ball
"Ayurvedic cooking" Turmeric rice, chapati and squash sabji
Gajar halva in Ayurvedic cooking
Three Colors raw salad
Green smoothie, Raw Chocolate coconut based cake, Raw Brownie and Ginger cake
Vegan cooking
Chocolate cake
Papaya smoothie
***** Vegan cooking Beet Soup & Chickpea bean burge
"Italian" Ratatouille, Avocado sauce on salad Cashew on Pumpkin salad and Hummus of soy beans
Apple burge
Vegan cooking for YOGA retreat
Carrot and beans with sesame
Wild Almond and cashew
Penne with Basil paste
Green smoothie
Hummus of soy beans
Vegan cake
Onigiri (Japanese traditional rice ball)
Banana smoothie
Shiratama dango (Japanese traditional sweets)
Shohei is smiling.
Cooking outside (anywhere)
Avocado salad
Pumpkin Sabji in Ayurvedic
Vegetable spring roll (Chinese)
"Indian cooking" turmeric rice, chapati, squash sabji
Daal soup
Turmeric rice
Ginger cake, brownie and balls
Shiratama dango with Azuki beans (Zenzai)
Mashed potato cacao ball
Cacao Muffin
***** Lunch Box - Indian
Lunch Box - Beans Burge
Lunch Box
Lunch Box with Green smoothie
Lunch Box
Lunch Box
Lunch Box
Lunch Box with banana smoothie
Lunch for Shohei - Indian (It's not hot.)
Lunch Box with Wheat-free vegan cake
Lunch Box - Goya chips as topping
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