Dual-boot Windows7 and Linux Mint at Studio Spoon in Bali

last update 2.July.2015

- Security comparison -

 No1. Linux
 No1. MAC
 No9. Windows

 So we are providing you our installation service of Dual-boot environment 
of Windows7 and Linux Mint.

 To make some partition, we use "GParted".
 This is our/your goal.
Hard disk partition viewing from Linux Mint
* Hard disk partition viewing from Windows7
* After the installation of Windows7, we recommend you to change "Not shared any folders and files". Because some virus would like to DL your files from your folders.
"Not shared any folders and files" by registry editing.
* We should stop three services. They are very famous security holes.
To stop three services
* We change registry to stop anonymous.
* Uninstallation of Anti-virus software. Because any real time protection doesn't work. And nobody likes slow computer. Symantec Develops New Attack on Cyberhacking - WSJ.com http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/ SB10001424052702303417104579542140235850578 in May 2014 Antivirus software is dead, says security expert at Symantec | Technology | theguardian.com http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/may/06/ antivirus-software-fails-catch-attacks-security-expert-symantec in May 2014
We don't need real time protection anymore.
* Installation service of a personal firewall for Windows7
Everyday please have a good time with your good computer system without any concern of trojan or virus. However please do not click links on your email and also on the website e.g. Ads., or normal news website. Just one click, you might have some trojan or virus, especially on Windows.
Linux Mint 64bit Mate is running lightly. You can use Firefox. You don't need any special knowledge to use Linux. It's like a Windows or like a MAC OSX.

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